Chrissy Teigen Gets Vulnerable With the Sweetest, Most Vulnerable Bathtime Photo of Luna and Miles

Yesterday Chrissy Teigen posted pics and video of her adorable family Christmas, and got super vulnerable with a beautiful photo of her and her two kids, Luna and Miles Legend, in the bath together.

A Legendary Christmas with John & Chrissy - Season 2018
(Image credit: Amanda Edwards)

I've always looked forward to Chrissy Teigen's holiday photos ever since she posted the very relatable Thanksgiving burned pie incident of 2018. Yesterday Teigen, hero, posted pics and video of her adorable family Christmas, including Santa (Santa!!) waving hello to the kids before dashing off to deliver more presents. She also got super vulnerable with a beautiful photo of her and her two kids, Luna and Miles Legend, in the bath together (presumably washing off all the holiday food and candy they'd just consumed, which is what I also did. Stars, they're just like us!).

Keeping it simple, Teigen captioned the photo with the shower/bathtub/sponge emojis, with a perfect little smile at her gorgeous babies. Miles looked like he was too busy playing with the spigot to pose (obv) and Luna is playing with...a sponge? Maybe?

Responses were (surprisingly, given how people can be) mostly really sweet. "❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️," posted Teigen's husband John Legend. Moms immediately rushed in to announce that Teigen was somehow achieving a magical level of motherhood previously deemed impossible. "How are there two kids in the tub and none of the water is on the walls or flooding the floor? Impossible! 😂" wrote one. "How do you make bath time look so luxurious and easy?😩my kids are wild in the bath😫" added another. "#bestinstahusband" wrote another, assuming John was taking the photo (which I figure is probably right).

"At first I thought Luna was holding a full turkey 🦃" added someone hilarious. Plus, fans were quick to wish her and her beautiful kids a Merry Christmas.

Here's the original post:

My heart just melted.

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