Kendall Jenner Shared a Throwback Video Featuring Teenage Khloé Kardashian and Baby Kendall and Kylie

Yep, that's Kylie taking a bath in the sink.

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - September 7, 2019
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Are you ready for a truly superlative celebrity throwback? Direct your thanks to Kendall Jenner, who posted the cutest '90s video of herself and baby Kylie Jenner under the supervision of a teenage Khloé Kardashian, with Caitlyn Jenner behind the camera, according to People. In the clip, an infant Kylie takes a bath in the kitchen sink, while two-year-old Kendall looks on—neither, presumably, with any idea of their respective futures as a billionaire businesswoman and a supermodel.

Allow '90s Khloé Kardashian to explain that kitchen sink bath: "Kylie’s had her lunch, and I wasn’t watching her very well and I gave her yogurt and it went everywhere, so now she’s taking a bath with Kendall." Caitlyn, filming, questions, "In the sink? In the kitchen sink?" and Kardashian explains, "In the sink, because I was too lazy to go bring her upstairs." Fair point, Khloé!

A further cute moment: Caitlyn asks Kendall how old she is, to which she proudly replies, "Two!" After the toddler states her birthday (November 3), Caitlyn asks, "How old will you be?" It takes Kendall a little while to land on the correct answer, ultimately holding up an indeterminate amount of fingers, but Caitlyn's supportive all the same, telling her, "You got it! That's close."

The video obviously delighted the Kardashian-Jenners: Kim Kardashian commented, "OMG this makes me smile so much!" while Caitlyn wrote, "Love youuuuu!! This makes me so happy." (Kourtney Kardashian went for gentle mockery instead, commenting, "What kind of accent does @khloekardashian have?)

One last thing to note: Baby Kylie's pretty fussy in the tub/sink, being a baby and all, but beams when the camera's pointed towards her. Was she destined to be very, very famous from the beginning?

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