Khloe Kardashian Goes "Bronde" and Wonders if She Should Make It Permanent

Last night, Khloe Kardashian showed off a new hairstyle of "bronde" (blonde and brown) hair that she wondered if she should make permanent. Her sisters and fans immediately agreed.

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Khloe Kardashian, who loves her blonde hair (she has a whole room filled with extensions!), considered a major hair change for her yesterday on social media. Andrew Fitzsimmons, her hairstylist, explained, "Took Khloe Kardashian back to BRONDE (if brown and blonde had a 👶🏼) with a delicious sleek pony.. What do you guys think?" and explained in the comments that it was a Beauty Works hair extension. 

Khloe commented on the same photos, wondering aloud if she should dye her hair the same color. "Loving this Bronde pony! Do I go back to Bronde??? Let me know 💋 Bronde means blonde and brown mix for those who don’t know 😘." Her sisters and fans immediately were on board: "100% yes," said Kendall Jenner. "yes baby," said Kylie. Khloe's denim brand Good American wrote, "Obsessed with this color on you 😍❤️" Reality star Kim Zolciak added, "So damn gorgeous! Love love this color." And that's, like, one percent of the comments basically begging for her bronde lewk to become permanent.

Just a few days ago, Khloe showed off her blonde hair with darker roots; Aside from the occasional photoshoot, it looks like she's primarily loved some version of blonde for a long time. A few days ago she put a photo on her Stories saying, "My natural curl is TRYING to come out and play." Her short hair looked beautifully wavy; The color was still blonde but on the darker side. So it looks like she might have been thinking about a changeup for a little while.

Here's the new look:

And here's the blonde just a few days ago, with her darker roots underneath:

I actually quite like the new color, to be honest. Do it, Khloe!!

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