Kim Kardashian Transformed Her Hair With Long, Honey "Bronde" Waves

Her sisters want the same look, she said.

kim kardashian
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Aside from the mansions, and the billions, and the giant closets, and the walk-in refrigerators, nothing makes me more envious of the Kardashian-Jenners than their team of superlative hair stylists, who fulfil their every creative whim while steering them far away from trichological disaster. There they are, carefree, switching from bleach blonde to deep brown, from bob to butt-length, safe in the knowledge they will always look flawless—and here I am, afraid to even think about booking a hair appointment because of that one time in ninth grade that I asked for a few subtle layers and ended up with The Rachel. The latest update: Kim Kardashian went long and honey blonde (or "bronde," if you will)—and unsurprisingly, she looks gorgeous.

KKW posted several videos of her new bronde hair on her Instagram stories, calling out sisters Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian in the process. (Khloé, you'll recall, tried out a "bronde" faux pony last week, asking her Instagram followers if she should make the color permanent.) "So Kylie and Khloé thought that they were going to beat me to this hair color. I got em!" Kim said, as her glam team perfected her look. Khloé was magnanimous in defeat, subsequently writing on her own story, "That's how you win lady!!!!!!"

Jenner suspected Kim's new look wasn't permanent—a valid point, considering her hair was deep brown mere days ago at the Oscars—writing on her story, "we know it's a wig @kimkardashian." Anyway, wig or no wig, here is my non-professional, not at all expert verdict: I like it, Kim! 

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kim kardashian

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