Bella Hadid Looks Like a Disney Princess With Her New, Super Long Curls

Bella meets Belle meets Rapunzel!

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Well, isn't this a transformation! Throughout fashion month, Bella Hadid's been sporting her signature dark brown, grown-out bob, a super versatile look for the many, many castings and shows and shoots she'll be navigating over the next few weeks (and, practicality aside, just an extremely good hairdo.) But in a new Instagram post, Hadid debuted super long, glossy curls, looking positively Disney princess-esque—and unsurprisingly, being a supermodel and all, she looks astonishing.

Hadid just closed the Oscar de la Renta Fall 2020 show, held at the New York Public Library, in her trademark shoulder length lob (and a red feathered cape that I would trade ten years of my life to possess, even if I only ever wore it to waltz around my bedroom). So assuming she isn't in possession of the most potent gummy bear hair vitamins in existence, she's presumably wearing a wig, weave, or extensions in her new Instagram post. And again, allow me to stress: She looks really, really good.

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Last week, Hadid made waves on Instagram (there's a hair pun in there, but my brain is just too weak to grasp it) for a different reason: She made a subtle statement about her relationship with Selena Gomez, as ELLE reports. There's been reports of drama between the two, who both dated The Weeknd, in the past: Back in November, Gomez left a positive comment on one of Hadid's Instagram photos, only for Hadid to subsequently delete the post. Gomez later squashed reports of any conflict, writing in an Instagram comment, "She is a wonderful person, and it was all a misunderstanding."

Well, Hadid's going out of her way to demonstrate her support for Gomez: Despite not following her on Instagram, she liked the singer's latest post (a photo from Gomez' Dazed cover story). Which is a pretty clear statement that all's good between the pair, no?

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