Kim Kardashian Shares Her Kids' Enormous Playroom — and There's a Full Supermarket

Kim Kardashian is at it again with a video tour of the enormous playroom where her four kids play.

Kim Kardashian is once again sharing parts of her enormous house in response to fans asking for a peek/expressing total disbelief that her house could be so minimalistic. First it was her kitchen, in response to fans' confusion that her house seemed only stocked with lemonade and water. And now it's her kids' playroom...and get ready, because it is so much.

She explained she was "cleaning up for the night" and that she was sharing the playroom because "you guys always say my house is so minimal." She then goes on to prove us all how very, very wrong we all are. There's a stage, where the kids have a band and instruments, and a projector for them to watch movies. Each kid has a devoted section with their own toys, including Chicago's ice cream parlor and "working" grocery store (you can ring some of the many, many food items up and sign to pay for them), with shopping carts, play washer/dryer, and kitchen, and finally a separate section for their homework (an entire bookshelf filled with educational stuff). "So there you have it, people—there's color!" Oh yea and then she shared a massive closet that's filled with arts and crafts and costumes and shoes. Good lord.

Kim then went on to ask her fans which parts of her house they want to see next, so be prepared for more epic design features.

Fan reactions on Twitter were perfectly priceless: "The devil works hard, but whoever color codes Kim Kardashian's four kids’ play room works harder." And: "Is it weird for a 20 year old to be envious of Kim Kardashian kids playroom? My whole flat could fit in that one room." And: "Props to Kim Kardashian on displaying color in her home. However, what does that room actually look like once the kids' natural creative playing happens? No way Chicago has her produce sorted." And finally, "Kim Kardashian kids play room just shitted on my life." (Lol!)

Here's the video:

Wow. Wow wow wow.

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