Channing Tatum Is Reportedly "Happy" for Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee

Steve Kazee proposed to Dewan during their baby shower.

Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee
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  • After it was announced on Instagram that Steve Kazee and Jenna Dewan are engaged (opens in new tab), the two shared more details about the special day.
  • The engagement happened AT the couple's baby shower (opens in new tab), and Kazee shared the sweet, secret symbolism behind his ring choice that makes the (gorgeous) ring unique for Dewan.
  • The two have been fueling engagement speculation for months (opens in new tab), but ended up choosing the cutest way possible. Her ex Channing Tatum, with whom she shares daughter Everly, is reportedly "very happy" for them.

I'm still basking in the wake of the glorious news that Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee are engaged, not long before she gives birth to their first child (I'm obsessed with them both). Even better, we got more details about the day and the (gorgeous, gorgeous) ring that Kazee ended up selecting for her.

First, we got a few details about the proposal itself: It happened in front of all of her friends and family at her and Kazee's baby shower. Per a source talking to E!,

Kazee also shared how he chose the ring, and what it means. "When I first started to look at engagement rings for Jenna, I knew I wanted something unique...It had to be representative of who Jenna is. It had to be as beautiful as her. Enter Nikki Reed and Bayou With Love" (Reed is the founder of the sustainable jewelry brand). He added. "The solitaire is representative of our oneness in the universe surrounded by stars. The diamonds laid into the band are representative of the Pleiades constellation which holds special meaning for Jenna and I." Dewan, if you remember, has a special connection (opens in new tab) to astrology, crystals, and positive energy (opens in new tab), so this makes a ton of sense.

Meanwhile, just in case you were curious, it's all good, apparently, between Dewan and ex Channing Tatum. According to a source (opens in new tab), "Channing is very happy for Jenna and Steve's engagement. Channing has expressed that he is happy Jenna is in a good place and has moved on." So there you have it!

And just a few pictures (you can go to his Instagram Stories for all the details):

And some more shots from Dewan's shower—she has no idea what's coming, and I love it:

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A photo posted by on

So cute!!

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