Jenna Dewan Attended the Sparkly Galentine's Day Party of My Dreams

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  • Jenna Dewan attended a sparkly, gem-themed Galentine's Day party yesterday that she documented on her Instagram.
  • Hosted by jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche, the party had a fun themed activities, food, and gifts.
  • It fits right in with Jenna's sexy, spiritual vibe—go here to see more of her style.

    Jenna Dewan has a connection to positive energy and self-care—see also her energy-cleansing ritual during the Super Wolf Blood Moon lunar eclipse. So it makes sense that her Galentine's Day wouldn't just be spent with friends over wine like the rest of us/me. Instead, Dewan attended the most incredible gem-themed party, with free gifts, themed drinks, and a sex coach guest speaker—you know, the ideal party, basically? Here are all the details.

    The party looks like it was sponsored and hosted by jewelry-maker Jacquie Aiche, which uses precious gemstones and channels goddess imagery (right up Jenna's alley, then). There were sparkly gem cookies, "fonuts" a.k.a. gluten free, vegan treats, custom gem-themed cocktails with edible gem paint, loose gems like lapiz lazuli ("My favorite!" says Jenna) that could be used for custom creations, manicures, and pieces of jewelry to play with.

    Guest speaker Loving Lila, sex and intimacy coach, talked about the power of sex as a positive force, especially for busy moms. Jenna was joined by some of her pals, including actress Emmanuelle Chriqui, to celebrate some much-needed girl time together.

    And of course, Jenna wore a gorgeous pink outfit with matching lavender eye shadow—the perfect Galentine/Valentine outfit:

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    Here are just a few more of the sneak peeks from Dewan's Instagram Stories:

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    Later, Jenna posted a pic of the event, saying, "So important to take some time to be with girlfriends, love on ourselves, connect deeply with our bodies and have FUN." Swipe through for more pictures of the star-studded, sparkly gathering.

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    Ok, so, my next year's Galentine's Day plans are already set, thanks.

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