Kendall Jenner Was "Not Not Naked" When She Took Her Latest Instagram Selfie

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  • Kendall Jenner posed for a series of futuristic selfies on Instagram, revealing that she was "not not naked" while taking the photos.
  • Jenner's back home after a whirlwind fashion month, during which she closed the Versace show at Milan Fashion Week.
  • She's reportedly spending time with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Ben Simmons, according to Hollywood Life.

    Like the rest of us, Kendall Jenner appreciates the simple pleasure of hanging out completely naked; unlike the rest of us, Kendall Jenner racks up millions of Instagram likes when she does so. The supermodel posted two new selfies on Tuesday, both with futuristic filters, and slipped a cheeky reveal in the caption: "not not naked," she wrote. Naturally, being Kendall Jenner, she looks incredible:

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    Jenner had one hell of a fashion month (did you see her close the Versace show in Milan?) But according to Hollywood Life, she's pretty happy to be back home: She's reportedly spending time with on-again, off-again boyfriend Ben Simmons, who's dealing with a back injury.

    "Kendall has been really busy with fashion week, but she missed Ben while she was away," an anonymous source told the site. "After hearing about Ben’s injury and having to have a MRI, of course she’s concerned and she wants to do everything she can to show him support. Kendall is glad to be back in the states so she can check in on Ben and be there for him in any way she can. She’s confident he’s going to be just fine, but wants to be there for him in any way she can."

    "Kendall is very busy with work but so far she and Ben are still going strong," the source continued. "In the past things always cool off as soon as they get busy. But this time it’s different—she’s still making him a priority. She’s not willing to call him her boyfriend, but she’s definitely treating him like one." Cute!

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