Ashley Graham Shot a Lingerie Campaign While Hiding Her Pregnancy

Ashley Graham has designed a lingerie collection with Canadian retailer Addition Elle, and revealed she was four months pregnant when the shoot took place.

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  • Ashley Graham has released a new lingerie line with Canadian retailer Addition Elle.
  • She shared a photo from the shoot on Instagram, revealing she was four months pregnant and hiding her pregnancy when it was taken.
  • Graham's been candid about her parenting journey, sharing photos of herself breastfeeding and breast pumping, as well as speaking about her postpartum body.

As somebody who both lives and loves to complain, I'm confident I will accidentally and immediately reveal any future pregnancies to literally everyone I come in contact with, because there is simply no way I could experience morning sickness or swollen ankles and not monologue about it in every single conversation. Conversely, Ashley Graham hid her pregnancy for four months—and did an entire lingerie shoot while keeping her secret under wraps. How did you do it, Ashley?!

The supermodel posted a photo on Instagram from a shoot with Addition Elle, to promote her lingerie collection with the brand. "Try hiding you’re 4 months pregnant on a lingerie shoot," she captioned the snap.

Graham spoke about keeping her pregnancy a secret in her Vogue cover story last year, as well as the network of celebrity friends who helped her through it all: among them, Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian, and Amy Schumer. "There’s just this camaraderie. It’s a secret society that I didn’t know about," she said.

"I was hiding my pregnancy for the first four months," Graham continued. "I’ve always had control over my body—when everyone else wanted to dictate what it should be, I took full control over it—but I had this life inside of me saying, 'It’s not yours anymore, it’s mine.' And you have to just succumb."

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