Ashley Graham Dressed Her New Baby Isaac in a Hilarious Onesie on Instagram

Ashley Graham and husband Justin Ervin welcomed their first child, Isaac, earlier this year, and Graham posted a hilarious update photo on her Instagram story.

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  • Ashley Graham and husband Justin Ervin's new baby Isaac, born on January 18, is now five weeks old!
  • Graham marked the occasion by posting a photo on her Instagram stories, with Isaac in a hilarious onesie reading, "Nipple Freak."
  • Graham's been candid about her pregnancy and postpartum journey, sharing photos of herself breastfeeding and of her post-baby stretchmarks.

Ashley Graham has been extremely generous with the new mom content since giving birth to her first child Isaac in January, from getting candid about her postpartum body to sharing photos of herself breastfeeding. While she's doing important, stigma-banishing work, dispelling myths about post-baby bodies and speaking frankly about the highs and lows of new motherhood, she's also maintained her excellent sense of humor—as evidenced by a recent post on her Instagram story.

Graham shared a photo of Isaac (face cropped out, understandably), next to a card reading, "Today I am 5 weeks old." And yes, baby growth is exciting and all, but the real highlight of the photo was Isaac's onesie, reading simply and effectively, "Nipple Freak." Consider this onesie pre-ordered and stockpiled for every parent to be in my life.

Graham's posted several photos breastfeeding her son, demonstrating her impressive multitasking capacities. In one, she drinks coffee while feeding Isaac; in another, she works on her phone. As someone who cannot even walk and drink coffee at the same time, I am very much impressed.

Last week, the supermodel posted a photo of her post-pregnancy stretchmarks, captioning it, "same me. few new stories." Challenging myths, rejecting unreasonable expectations, and celebrating bodies in all their forms—what did we do to deserve Ashley Graham? 

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