Meghan Markle Shares an Update on How Son Archie Harrison Is Doing

She shared a little anecdote about her with an event attendee last night.

Meghan and Harry
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  • At last night's London event, one of Meghan Markle's last as a senior royal, Meghan shared an anecdote about son Archie Harrison.
  • It was a tiny, but relatable moment: Apparently Archie's getting older and much more active, so he's "into everything." I love it.
  • Meghan's been out and about with Archie in Canada, apparently, with their two dogs in tow.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are completing their last royal events in England before they officially exit as senior royals, and she shared a small anecdote about son Archie Harrison with one of the guests at the The Endeavour Fund Awards in London last night. 

As reported by HELLO!, Meghan was apparently speaking to Claire Spencer, who was attending with her nominee husband. The topic of Archie came up (naturally—I would have all the questions). "She said 'Oh yes, well he is ten months now and is into everything.'"

I loooove this little anecdote. Actually, he sounds quite a bit like his cousin Prince LouisKate Middleton scared a scary mishap she had with her youngest son in May 2019. "I turned around the other day and he was at the top of the slide—I had no idea!" she remembered. So the two share a certain...rambunctious nature, let's say.

The last Archie photo we got on their social media was in November 2019, technically a throwback from his christening.

I am always looking for more photos of the little cutie pie, but—of course!—part of the reason Harry and Meghan have stepped back is so that they and their son can have some privacy. I get that, even though I love Archie with my whole heart.

Yesterday Meghan was absolutely stunning in a bold cerulean dress, and she also has been apparently going out and doing private events as well:

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But it won't be too much longer before she's back in Canada with Archie.

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