The Queen Is Missing Archie Terribly Since His Move to Canada Ahead of the Royal Exit

The Queen and other senior royals are reportedly very upset by how little they've seen Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son, Archie Harrison.

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  • While everything about the royal exit has no doubt been stressful for the royal family, a new report suggests that the hardest aspect of the ordeal for the Queen has been going so long without seeing her youngest great-grandchild, Archie Harrison.
  • Archie hasn't been in the United Kingdom at all since late last year and is expected to remain in Canada as his parents return to the UK to complete their final engagements as working royals this month.
  • Sources close to the royal family said the Queen is "very sad" that she hasn't seen more of Archie since his birth and that other senior royals are "despondent" about how little they've seen the nine-month-old royal.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal exit has been a truly complicated situation. While Harry and Meghan have, of course, undoubtedly faced the most stress throughout the ordeal, the Queen has to come in a close second in the "who has the biggest royal exit-related headache" contest.

As usual, the monarch has been handling the whole situation like a total pro, but there is one aspect of the royal exit that's weighing on her, according to new reports: Not seeing her youngest great-grandson, Archie Harrison.

In a report citing sources from the Sunday Times and The SunExpress writes that Queen Elizabeth is said to be "very sad" about the fact that she hasn't seen much of Archie since his birth, last May, and that other senior royals are "despondent" over how little they've seen the youngest member of the Windsor fam. 

While Harry is currently back in the UK to complete his final round of royal engagements and Meghan is expected to return soon as well, sources close to the couple believe that Archie will remain in Canada with Meghan's longtime best friend, Jessica Mulroney. As Express notes, Archie hasn't been in the United Kingdom at all this year, having traveled to Canada with his parents for their holiday trip last December.

Here's hoping that, after the craziness surrounding Harry and Meghan's last round of royal engagements subsides, they'll feel comfortable bring Archie back to the UK for a visit with his extended family.

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