Kate Middleton Admits to a Scary, Relatable Mishap With the Very Active Prince Louis

In her appearance at Bletchley Park yesterday, Kate Middleton told an onlooker that Prince Louis is active. She didn't say explicitly, but fans are speculating that he might already be walking, based on the candid, kind of scary moment she had with her son the other day.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits Bletchley Park D-Day Exhibition
(Image credit: Max Mumby/Indigo)

In her appearance at "D-Day: Interception, Intelligence, Invasion" at Bletchley Park yesterday, Kate Middleton told an onlooker that Prince Louis is super active. She didn't say explicitly, but fans are speculating that he might already be walking, based on some details she provided about her lovely, busy family. And Kate even got very real about a candid, kind of scary moment she had with Louis the other day.

The youngest of Kate and Prince William's three children is "keeping us on our toes," she admitted. She added, "I turned around the other day and he was at the top of the slide—I had no idea!" I can totally imagine Kate, normally so polished and put together, chasing after Louis shrieking, "Get down from there!" at the top of her lungs.

She also gave some insight into all three of her kids, after she was gifted some wildlife stuffed animals by fans. "They love wild animals. They will look after these," she explained. Considering she and William reportedly visited the newest royal baby, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's son Archie, right after she got back from her engagement, maybe one of those plushies made its way into his adorable little hands too.

I love this candid little detail from Kate, who is always super attentive to her three kids whenever she's spotted out and about with them. No shade—three is a lot to keep track of! Especially when one of them discovers walking for the first time and can't get enough of it. Nothing can stop the cutie pie from getting into mischief with his siblings!

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