Ciara and Russell Wilson Donated a Million Meals to a Seattle Food Bank

The couple asked their fans to donate if able.

Ciara and Russell Wilson
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  • Ciara and Russell Wilson announced a donation of one million meals to Seattle food bank Food Lifeline amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic.
  • In an Instagram video, the couple encouraged their fans to donate too where possible, and reminded them to practice social distancing.
  • "Everything that we do together makes a difference," Ciara said.

I will always love Ciara, and here is yet another very good reason that you should too: She and husband Russell Wilson just donated a million meals to a Seattle food bank, Food Lifeline, as the coronavirus pandemic exacerbates hunger and food insecurity for many.

In an Instagram video shared by both, Wilson begins, "This worldwide pandemic of coronavirus is changing the world second by second, minute by minute. People are losing loved ones. The elderly and the young. The people in between. Think about people losing jobs—even in Seattle." The couple made their donation, he says, to "hopefully make a difference."

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In the clip, Ciara urges her fans to follow suit where possible. "We want to encourage everyone out there to join us in whatever way that you can, big or small. Everything makes a difference," she says. "Everything that we do together makes a difference and together, we will conquer this tough time that we are going through." If you're able, you can donate to Food Lifeline here, or national food bank network Feeding America here.

"We have faith. We want to encourage everyone else out there to keep the faith," Ciara says, before stressing the importance of social distancing. "Praying for everyone out there." Again: Another very good reason to add this couple to your official stan list. 

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