Megan Thee Stallion Shared a Stunning Minimal Makeup Selfie on Social Media

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  • Megan Thee Stallion (/Hot Girl Meg/Tina Snow) is Marie Claire's May cover star!
  • She counts makeup artistry among her many talents, frequently creating her own gorgeous makeup looks.
  • In a new post on social media, however, she went for a more minimal look—and, unsurprisingly, looks incredible.

    If you've spent any time on Instagram or TikTok over the past month, you probably owe Megan Thee Stallion some kind of entertainment tax—after all, has any video been more ubiquitous than the Savage or Captain Hook challenges? And has anyone demonstrated a greater commitment to keeping you occupied than Meg, who chronicles all the best takes on the challenges on her own Instagram account? Go on: Have a scroll, lose an hour or two. Send a "thank you" into the universe for Meg.

    Megan's latest social media posts, however, are dance free: Instead, she shared some positively radiant minimal makeup selfies on Twitter and Instagram. She's known for her expert makeup artistry, often creating her own full glam looks. Unsurprisingly, because she is flawless, she looks just as gorgeous with a more pared-down face:

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    Speaking of Megan's many talents: In her Marie Claire cover interview, she explained why her studies at Texas Southern University—and her future plans to open assisted-living facilities in Houston— are just as important as her music career. "I never had a plan B; I always had two plan As. I knew I wanted to go to school, but I knew I wanted to pursue music," she said. "When you really want to do something, you’re really going to put your mind to doing it. And I really want to do both. I have to do both." If anyone can do it all, it's definitely Meg.

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