Gabrielle Union Took the Funniest Easter Portrait With Daughter Kaavia

"She's downright irate at this toddler injustice. Irate I say."

Gabrielle Union
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  • Gabrielle Union took a series of hilarious Easter portraits with her daughter, Kaavia James Union Wade—who wasn't exactly enjoying the moment.
  • Union explained that Kaavia had been cut off from electronics, and was "irate at this toddler injustice."
  • "He is risen. He did not come back for this," Union said in a video.

As an adult whose parents are in possession of an astonishing amount of photographic evidence of her childhood meltdowns (I had feelings and I felt them!), I strongly relate to number one celebrity baby Kaavia James Union Wade, whose mom, Gabrielle Union, just posted the funniest series of photos and videos on Instagram. The post depicts Kaavia's profound misery after her parents "cut her off from electronics," Union explained in the caption, adding, "She's downright irate at this toddler injustice. Irate I say. Trying to enjoy it all."

While the photos and clips reflect a range of deeply felt toddler emotions (again, Kaavia, I relate), the camera didn't quite capture her deepest fury: "the 1st video cuts off right where Kaav is ready to fight me in the street to get her hands on a phone," Union wrote in the caption.

The highlight? Union cracking up while grappling with a furiously flailing Kaavia, before telling the camera, "He is risen. He did not come back for this." A delight!

Phone or no phone, Kaavia still experienced a little Easter joy, as evidenced by an extremely sweet video posted on her Instagram account. In the clip, she walks hand in hand with dad Dwyane Wade, both in matching shades of pink, before he plucks and hands her a flower to admire. Adorable! All of you!

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Gabrielle Union

(Image credit: Instagram/Gabrielle Union)

Gabrielle Union and family.

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