Are Harry and Francesca From Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle' Still Together?

It's more complicated than you would think.

When in times of social distancing, we have to ask ourselves the hard questions. When will it be safe to walk amongst our peers again? What will be the first restaurant we dine at post-quarantine? And my personal favorite: Are Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago from Netflix's Too Hot To Handle still together?

After settling into my couch for five-plus hours to watch one of the oddest reality TV dating shows yet, I had questions! Sure, I should've been more focused on why Netflix decided to produce a show in the first place where people get fined for any intimacy, but let's leave that for a later date.

I was more intrigued by the show's couple that lost the group of singles the most prize money (over $30,000 from a once $100,000 pot!). Average viewers (a.k.a. me) thought Harry and Francesca were destined to just be a summer fling, but from what I've discovered on Instagram, it's a lot more complicated. Take what you will from my hours of Instagram stalking, below.

Harry and Francesca did end up seeing each other post-filming.

I'm not going to lie: When both of the cast members talked about seeing each other post-retreat, I laughed. The odds of Harry—a man who once had no remorse for turning the entire villa against his crush—traveling across the world for a girl he met three weeks ago seemed slim. Then again, love makes you do crazy things, like go on reality TV.

But a brief, two-hour, pre-bedtime scroll on Instagram has proved most of us wrong.

They! Are! Both! Posting! The! Same! Green! Car! (Side note: This car color is reserved for people who are either 1) hot or 2) SoundCloud rappers who make it big.)

In Francesca's post, you can clearly see the car has a British Columbia license plate. And Harry has tagged his location in B.C. Ladies and gentlemen, I spot a couple!

If you're still not convinced, let me entertain you with some more proof in the form of life's greatest treasure: hot people posed with animals.

They posted these photos on the same day! The same day. Sure, Francesca is great at providing vague-ish geo-tags but we all know what's going on here: They went on a date to see some kangaroos.

Things got weird on Valentine's Day, though.

Since they were probably on a tight contract with Netflix until the show aired (they filmed almost a year before it hit the streaming service), they couldn't spill the details of their relationship on V-Day. But the two went a bit above and beyond, making us wonder if there was actually trouble in paradise on February 14.

Posting a bikini pic on Valentine's Day? Normal-ish. Tagging your location as "Single Island"? Now that's a bit out of the ordinary. It's a possibility they could be over, or they were trying to throw us off the scent. Personally, I'm not sold, but I'll let you, faithful viewer, decide.

They aren't quarantining together.

Just call me Sherlock Holmes. Based on their Instagram feeds I've gathered that the pair are not sheltering-in-place together. Harry, it seems, is currently in Los Angeles, keeping himself busy by taking pictures with his plants, while Francesca is at her apartment in Vancouver.

This may be because of their aforementioned contracts OR they actually are broken up. Francesca did recently tell Esquire that because of COVID-19 she doesn't think there will be a Too Hot to Handle reunion, so you can kiss us getting any kind of update on anyone goodbye.

They finally announced they are together....and looking at rings?

Yes, I'm confused just as much as you. In an interview with Glamourthe pair told the publication they did break up for a couple of months (so my suspicious weren't wrong!) due to " a few miscommunication areas."

But like all good stories, reality shows, you get the gist; this does indeed have a happy ending. Francesca said when quarantine is over, her next steps would be to move into a house in L.A. with Harry. He then joked that by the fourth day, he'd probably want to marry her, and they both slipped that they have a shared folder of wedding rings! Yes, RINGS!

Now that's settled, I can sleep in peace knowing my detective skills are still top-notch.

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