How to Follow the Cast of 'Too Hot to Handle' on Instagram

Let the sex-less shenanigans begin.

The 'Too Hot to Handle' cast.
(Image credit: Aline Arruda/Netflix)

In this strange time of a) self-isolation and b) insane TV (thank you, Tiger King), I present the answer to the question you've been wondering lately: So what do I watch next? Enter Netflix's Too Hot to Handle. ICYMI, ten hot single commitment-phobes join each other at a beach resort, expecting hookups and parties. Instead, they get a weird little robot "Lana" monitoring their sexual activity—no kissing, no petting, no...self-pleasure, and definitely no sex, or they lose out on the potential to win $100,000. When something physical, they lose money. Seriously, watch the trailer, if you haven't. Did I know I needed this show? No I did not. Am I fully invested? You bet I am. While Clare Crawley waits to film her Bachelorette season, I'll be watching several self-described "10s" try not to rub up against each other. Until the show officially drops on April 17, here's the full cast list, as well as their Instagrams, so you can familiarize yourself with the people you'll be cheering for(?) as the sex-less shenanigans get underway.

Note: many of the contestants changed their Instagram names to "Too Hot to Handle" to promote the show. It's...very thematic.

Chloe Veitch

Veitch hails from Essex, UK. She's a model who, per her Instagram, regularly models Calvin Klein. Follow her here.

David Birtwistle

Birtwistle's from London, and a fitness and nutrition coach who's the founder of a company called Endeavour. Follow him here.

Francesca Farago

Farago's a model who proudly eats plant-based food and has a cute doggo. She's from British Columbia, Canada, and has her own label coming out soon apparently. Follow her here.

Haley Cureton

Cureton's based out of Florida and apparently still in college, per her Insta? Follow her here.

Harry Dowsey

Dowsey's from Queensland, Australia, and lives in LA as a model. He particularly models for Naughty Possum, per his bio, which makes sweatshirts that say things like "Boyfriend Dick." Ok? Follow him here.


Kelz (whose real name appears to be Kelechi Dyke) is from London who is/was a football player for the London Warriors, per his bio. Follow him here.

Matthew Smith

Smith, from Colorado, has a lot going on: creative mind, author, actor, entrepreneur, and other stuff from a quite confusing bio. Follow him here.

Nicole O'Brien

O'Brien's from Cork, Ireland, and lives in London. It looks like she's a model/influencer. Follow her here.

Rhonda Paul

Paul hails from Georgia, is also a model (I'm sensing a trend), and the owner of jewelry brand PureluXX. Follow her here.

Sharron Townsend

Townsend—New Jerseyen, model, and workout vlogger—was also apprently in a Fetty Wap music video. Follow him here.

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The 'Too Hot to Handle' cast.

(Image credit: Aline Arruda/Netflix)

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