Kylie Jenner's Latest Hair Transformation Is Very E-Girl

Kylie Jenner's still keeping up her regular hair transformations, even in quarantine—and her latest look slots into the e-girl aesthetic.

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  • Kylie Jenner's still keeping up her regular hair transformations, even in quarantine.
  • Her latest look, cool brown hair with two blonde streaks or "money pieces" at the front, slots into the e-girl aesthetic.
  • Jenner also revealed her short bob on Instagram recently.

As someone who's blow-dried her hair a total of three times since quarantine began, I have to hand it to Kylie Jenner, who's still switching up her hair with her pre-lockdown regularity. Her latest look is a retro style (remember Ginger Spice's blonde streaks, for example?) that's currently very popular with fans of the e-girl aesthetic: She's sporting cool brown lengths with blonde streaks, otherwise known as "money pieces," framing her face.

Jenner's new look is almost certainly a wig, considering she recently revealed her super short bob on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, both hairstyles look great!

Jenner also went makeup-free (perhaps with the exception of eyelash extensions) in her latest post, attributing her flawless complexion to her skincare line, Kylie Skin. Which isn't to say she's renounced her love of makeup (that would be an unexpected move from the founder of Kylie Cosmetics). In a recent Instagram selfie, she revealed a magenta eye look she created herself, captioning it, "experimenting with makeup has been keeping me entertained. hbu?"

A less predictable hobby Jenner's developed while in quarantine? Tending to her garden. As Refinery29 reports, she demonstrated her new pastime on her Instagram stories earlier this month, showcasing her newly cultivated herb garden (feat. rosemary and basil). "Quarantine has me doing a lot of shit I wouldn’t normally do," she told her followers. "But I always wanted a garden." Cute!

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