Kristin Cavallari and Kelly Henderson: How Things Got So Messy Between Them

Henderson was part of Cavallari's "inner circle" before cheating rumors between Henderson and Cavallari's husband Jay Cutler broke the two BFFs apart.

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In light of the bombshell news that Kristin Cavallari and husband Jay Cutler will officially be divorcing after 10 years together (is this why we haven't been hearing about another season of Very Cavallari??), fans immediately began wondering about the source of the split. Despite the claims that infidelity played no part in the breakup, rumors are circling because of some weird timing: Cavallari cut ties with her former best friend Kelly Henderson earlier this year. The two had been BFFs for years before a mysterious rift broke the two apart. Henderson hasn't commented, and information about the divorce is still coming in, but this is what we know about the situation.

Cavallari and Henderson were BFFs for a long time.

The two had apparently been friends for eight years. Henderson, per her Instagram bio, is a "celeb stylist & glam specialist," as well as being founder of Velvet's Edge. It seems like a blog on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, with items for sale and an associated podcast. According to her bio, she grew up in Louisiana, lives in Tennessee, travels a ton, and likes to "live freely."

Henderson was a part of Cavallari's inner friend circle, as depicted on the show, and Henderson even joked about trying to find the perfect guy for herself. Then the two stopped showing up on each other's social media accounts, and there were rumblings of a friend break. The rift played out on season 3 of Very Cavallari—according to Cavallari, the two hadn't spoken in months after a "falling out," and Henderson had gotten defensive in recent conversations.

Cavallari addressed rumors of cheating between Henderson and Cutler and said she didn't believe them. "It wasn’t the actual accusations of them having an affair that made me upset, it was how Kelly went about it," she said. There was something about Henderson posting about it publicly. "Why [does she] want to post about [my husband]? To get more attention about it...If I was accused of having an affair with your husband, I wouldn’t say his f*cking name on social media." I'll be honest, it came across as vague.

Later, Henderson responded on the show, saying that she was focusing on her own life. "I got a f*cking text that I did not interpret to be very nice...I think she thinks I’m texting just because of the show," she said. She denied the cheating rumors, but has gotten a lot of heat on social media about it.

Cavalleri filed for divorce from Cutler a few days ago.

Fans had been worried that they weren't hearing about a new season of Very Cavallari. The star had said in the past that she didn't want to do reality TV forever, and she'd signed on to make a cameo on The Hills: New Beginnings season 2. But the divorce news puts everything in a different light—will the show even continue, now that the couple is splitting up? 

Cutler filed first, citing "irreconcilable differences, and Cavallari filed later in the week citing the same cause as well as "marital misconduct." That's a legal term for behavior that caused the "erosion" of the relationship. TBH, it could mean lots of things, but cheating is absolutely one of the ways misconduct can happen. Tennessee is an at-fault state if parties don't agree to the terms of the divorce, meaning one party has to be more at fault than the other. So they may be headed towards a legal battle—and who knows if this Henderson business might get dragged into everything, even though sources insist that the couple just grew apart. To be continued.

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