Sophie Turner Shared an Adorable Photo With Joe Jonas' Mom Denise for Mother's Day

All the Jonases love Sophie!

Sophie Turner
(Image credit: Steve Granitz)
  • Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' mom, Denise Jonas, are clearly super close, as evidenced by a photo Turner posted to celebrate her "Milly" on Mother's Day.
  • Turner also wished her mom, Sally Turner, a happy Mother's Day (though the pair likely marked the occasion back in March, when Mother's Day is celebrated in the U.K.).
  • She also posted a photo of her mom and Jonas' mom at what looks like a Jonas Brothers concert, with the caption, "Legends only."

Every year, celebrities gift unto us a positive deluge of sweet family photos to celebrate Mother's Day, and yesterday was no exception. One such celebrity participant? Sophie Turner, who shared an extremely sweet photo of herself and Joe Jonas' mom Denise Jonas, on her Instagram story. Three excellent things about the photo: 1. Turner and Denise appear to be at a Jonas Brothers concert. 2. Denise is evidently not bored of her sons' merch after all these years, proudly wearing a Jonas Brothers t-shirt. 3. Turner calls Denise "Milly," which it took me upwards of 45 minutes to realize means "mother-in-law", or "MIL."

Sophie Turner Mothers Day

(Image credit: @sophiet)

Turner also shared a photo of her mom, Sally Turner, writing, "And of course my mama @sallybt60 love you." A quick note, lest you wonder why Sophie posted about Denise before Sally and conclude there's some terrible mother-daughter strife afoot: Mother's Day is typically celebrated earlier in the U.K. than the U.S., with the holiday falling on March 22 this year, so it's likely Sophie and Sally marked the occasion two months ago.

Sophie Turner Mum

(Image credit: @sophiet)

Sophie's final photo might be the best of the bunch. Behold, Sally Turner and Denise Jonas, having the time of their lives at what I'm assuming, again, is a Jonas Brothers concert. Sophie's caption: "Legends only."

Sophie Turners mums

(Image credit: @sophiet)

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