Joe Jonas Says He Sees Sophie Turner Walking Down the Aisle Every Time He Hears His Song "Hesitate"

"It's like my vows before I wrote my vows."

  • In the Jonas Brothers' new Amazon Prime Video concert documentary, Happiness Continues, Joe Jonas discusses a song he wrote about his wife, Sophie Turner. 
  • The song, "Hesitate," features some of Joe's most romantic lyrics ever.
  • The singer revealed in the documentary that he sees Sophie walk down the aisle again every time he hears the song.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner (opens in new tab) have a love story for the ages. And, if you need more proof of this fact, just watch the Jonas Brothers' new Amazon Prime Video concert documentary, Happiness Continues (opens in new tab).

In the doc, Joe talks about his song "Hesitate" and why it will always be close to his heart—and an important part of his and Sophie's love story (opens in new tab).

"'Hesitate' is a song I wrote. It's like my vows before I wrote my vows. It's my promise to Sophie," he explained. "I can see in the audience when it's definitely those other people's songs. I see couples holding each other. I see somebody that song got them through something. For me, it takes me to a whole different universe. I'm seeing her walk down the aisle again every time I close my eyes."

The song, inspired by and written for Sophie (opens in new tab), is crazy romantic, with lyrics like, "I will take your pain and put it on my heart" and "I thank the oceans for giving me you. You saved me once and now I'll save you, too. I won't hesitate for you."

Listen to the song yourself below:

Cue the collective "awwwwww."

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