Tyler Cameron and Matt James Are Friendship Goals

The only Bachelor relationship I'm interested in right now, TBH.

Tyler Cameron & Matt Jame
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In a surprise announcement on Good Morning America Friday, The Bachelor franchise announced its next suitor, and it's none other than Tyler Cameron's best friend: Matt James. (opens in new tab) James will be the franchise's first-ever black male lead (opens in new tab) in the show's 18-year history. When he's not posting thirst traps on Instagram, he's leading ABC Food Tours (opens in new tab)., a nonprofit he founded that teaches children the importance of physical and mental health through food and wellness activities.

James was supposed to be a contestant on Clare Crawley's season (opens in new tab), but that ship has sailed since filming is supposed to start in July. There was also some beef between them involving the app Cameo (here's exactly what happened (opens in new tab)), but don't worry—James got through it with a little help from his friends, such as the man, the myth, the Jupiter, Florida (opens in new tab) legend, Tyler C. *cue the round of applause*

During quarantine, you probably couldn't get enough of James' content with Cameron and The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown (opens in new tab), who were all on TikTok together under the username @TheQuarantineCrew (opens in new tab). We were bored, they were bored, and it became a whole thing. But how long exactly has this bromance between Cameron and James' been going on? Let's break it down.

Cameron and James played football together at Wake Forest University

The guys were on the Wake Forest University football team together. Yes, before they were roommates (I'll get to that in a sec), they were teammates! Nothing like the bond of sweating to bring two people closer together.

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There are no teammate photos of them together floating around just yet, but the Internet works in mysterious ways, so check back later.

They live together in New York City.

See, I got to it! The two friends, last time we checked, are roommates in New York City together. By the looks of this Instagram slideshow, it's some pretty nice digs. On the podcast Bachelor Party (opens in new tab) back in September, Cameron spilled about why he rather live with James than live alone.

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"That's my guy. I was gonna get a one-bedroom, but I think it's important to surround yourself with people that are doing good things, and that's my partner with ABC Food Tours," he said. "I've been living on his couch for a while now, and he hasn't gotten sick of me."

Apparently, they've always had a sort of big-brother, little-brother relationship, which is making my heart burst of cuteness (I also haven't seen a male that isn't my brother in weeks, so my bar for men is pretty low).

"That's how he was in college with me. He was the older cool kid who took me under his wing," he explained. "We've just been boys ever since. Super grateful for that friendship and what he's shown me in the city."

Cameron has wanted James on The Bachelor for a while. 

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The ex- Bachelorette star has said in multiple interviews that he's wanted James to be the Bachelor.

"Everyone needs to apply Matt James for The Bachelorette. Maybe just skip that and go to The Bachelor," Tyler said on former Bachelor Nick Viall's podcast, The Viall Files (opens in new tab), back in 2019. "My goal is to get him on. He needs some convincing, so everybody get after him, get him convinced to go, and he'll be a great guy for the show."

So, it looks like Cameron manifested James's density! Now we just have to wait until 2021 (opens in new tab) to see it all unfold.

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