Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Shared the Sweetest Couples' Photo

Gabrielle Union shared the sweetest, most summery Instagram photo with husband Dwyane Wade, in which the couple cuddle on a boat.

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Allow me to start your week off on an extremely happy note, friends, by directing your attention towards a delightful photo of Gabrielle Union and husband Dwyane Wade. Union shared the snap, in which she and Wade cuddle on a boat, on Sunday, and it absolutely cements their status as No. 1 Loveliest Celebrity Couple. Plus, Union's outfit—visor, bikini top, ripped jean shorts—is summery perfection. Behold:

Union recently appeared on Shondaland podcast Katie's Crib, and shared a Union-Wade family motto with host Katie Lowes while speaking about the importance of self-care as a mom. "We're super conditioned to not center ourselves in our own stories," she said. "Anything less than giving everything, every part of ourselves to other people, we're that selfish bitch, we're the bad mom, we're the bad wife, we're the bad friend, when you don't give every piece of yourself to everyone else whenever they feel like they need it."

"It is OK to center yourself and your needs and advocate for yourself and be the center of your own story, and be your best self for yourself, so you can offer—in reasonable doses, as you see fit—parts of you to other people," Union continued. "We say in our family and in our crew, 'We all we got.' But that includes the motherfucker in the mirror. Start with you first."

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