Meghan Markle's First-Ever Christmas Gift for Prince William Was Hilarious—And He Loved It

Meghan Markle gave Prince William a spoon embossed with the words "cereal killer" for the first Christmas she spent with the royal family.

  • Even though the relationships between the royal Fab Four have been strained at times, Meghan Markle reportedly made a great first impression on Prince William with the gift she gave him during her first Christmas with the royal family.
  • According to the royal biography Finding Freedom, Meghan gave Will a spoon embossed with the words "cereal killer." 
  • It was a perfect gift since the royals famously exchange silly and funny gag gifts on Christmas.

Things between the Fab Four might not have always been the best, but we now have confirmation that Meghan Markle made a pretty fantastic first impression on her brother-in-law, Prince William, during her first Christmas with the royal family in 2017.

Meghan had the very special (and very rare honor) of attending the royal Christmas celebration while she and Prince Harry were engaged (usually, significant others aren't invited until after they've officially tied the knot). The pressure was reportedly on for Meghan to nail her gifts for the royals, who famously exchange cheeky gag gifts on Christmas. 

According to the royal biography Finding Freedom, Meghan crushed it when it came to her gift for William: A spoon emblazoned with the words "cereal killer."

"Meghan's biggest challenge was finding the perfect novelty gifts to amuse her new extended family," royal authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand wrote in the book, per The Mirror. "At least one of her gifts was a huge hit—a spoon for William that had 'cereal killer' embossed on the shallow bowl end of the utensil."

Finding Freedom also offered some insights into other gag gifts the royals have exchanged over the years, including a couple of hilarious gifts Harry has given to his grandmother, the Queen. 

"One year, Harry reportedly gave the Queen a shower cap emblazoned with the phrase, 'Ain't life a [expletive],' which she loved," the authors added. "Another time he gifted his grandmother a Big Mouth Billy Bass singing toy that was said to sit proudly in Balmoral, her Scottish retreat, and provide the Queen with great laughs."

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