Chrissy Teigen Got a John Legend Lyric Tattooed on Her Back

    What do you do when your husband writes an extremely sexy song about you? Get an equally sexy tattoo of the lyrics, of course! Chrissy Teigen inspired John Legend's very suggestive song "Ooh Laa" from his latest album Bigger Love, and on Tuesday, she revealed her brand new spine ink of the song's title.

    Both Teigen and Legend shared the same video on Instagram; Teigen captioned it, "ooooooooh la...shoowap shoowap" while Legend explained, "Chrissy inspired this song. This song inspired Chrissy’s new tattoo." In the clip, celebrity tattoo artist Winter Stone inks delicate script down Teigen's spine as she discusses "Ooh Laa" with her husband.

    "Tell everyone about the first time you heard this song," Legend says, to which Teigen responds, "I don't remember." Legend attempts to jog her memory: "I remember. It was in our bedroom." But he's unsuccessful: Teigen comments, "I remember the first time I heard 'All Of Me,' I remember the first time I heard honestly most of your songs, but not this one."

    Just to make it very clear what he's hinting at, Legend says, "We had to test run it. Make sure it worked," before looking directly at the camera. "It worked." Even after Teigen tells him, "Just say it. Just say what you want to say," Legend sticks to intimation. "The first time we played it on repeat. It was a good...conversation starter." Oh, you two!

    Tattoo artist Winter Stone shared a black and white photo of Teigen's finished ink, embedded above, for those in need of a closer look. Beautiful!

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