Chrissy Teigen Accidentally Shared Secret Details of Joe Biden's Inauguration

Chrissy Teigen wasn't supposed to share details of John Legend's performance at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' inauguration celebrations Wednesday.

Chrissy Teigen might just have had her security clearance downgraded a notch, after she accidentally leaked details of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' inauguration celebrations on Twitter. John Legend is scheduled to perform during the prime-time special "Celebrating America," which will air on Wednesday evening, as the New York Times reports—but the finer details weren't supposed to be made public, as Teigen learned too late on Tuesday.

Teigen documented her family's arrival in Washington D.C. on social media, revealing that she and Legend struggled to find their way to soundcheck. "lmao we got lost on the way to soundcheck but I just got to meet these fucking actual heroes," she tweeted, alongside a photo of herself and Legend with some members of the National Guard.

Teigen went on to post two videos of, presumably Legend's soundcheck, which took place in front of the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument in the distance. The videos reveal a military band is likely to take part in his performance Wednesday. "What in This is amazing. Really! This is crazy, beautiful," she says in one clip. "John! I'm crying," she captioned a second video.

Here's the snag: Teigen wasn't actually supposed to share anything at all from behind the scenes of the inauguration celebration, and wound up getting reprimanded for her indiscretion. "LMAO apparently that was all supposed to be a secret and i got scolded so act surprised tomorrow I’m crying," she tweeted, shortly after sharing the videos. At the time of writing, almost 61,000 people have liked the tweet, while Teigen has over 13 million followers on Twitter, so...let's just hope we're all exceptionally good at acting!

Emily Dixon
Morning Editor

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