Katie Holmes Shared the Cult Favorite Products Behind Her Radiant Skin

Katie Holmes shared the cult products behind her glowing skin in People's Beautiful Issue, revealing she's a big fan of the Dr. Barbara Sturm skincare line.

  • Katie Holmes shared the cult products behind her glowing skin in People's Beautiful Issue.
  • Holmes is a big fan of celebrity favorite skincare line Dr. Barbara Sturm, she said.
  • She also revealed her attitude to beauty: "I embrace my age with gratitude and I don't worry about not having make up on," Holmes said. "My joy comes from within."

Katie Holmes, you might have noticed, has exceptionally radiant skin—and in a new interview with People, she shared some of her skincare secrets. Holmes posed makeup-free for People's Beautiful Issue, and looked unsurprisingly stunning. "I embrace my age with gratitude and I don't worry about not having make up on," she said. "My joy comes from within."

First, Holmes shared the lifestyle aspects of her skincare routine: "I drink a lot of water and try to eat a lot of vegetables to keep my skin as healthy as possible," she said. Then, she got into products: "I take care of my skin by cleaning it every morning and evening, [and] wearing a lot of hyaluronic [acid] serum and moisturizer." And her go-to steps before heading out? "When I leave the house I make sure I'm wearing sunscreen and a lip gloss."

Holmes revealed she's especially loyal to the Dr. Barbara Sturm skincare line, beloved by many a celebrity. "I am a big fan of Dr. Sturm. I regularly get [her] facials and use her products," she said. Speaking to InStyle last year, Holmes shared the exact Dr. Barbara Sturm products she uses, saying her "beauty splurge" was a facial at one of the brand's clinics. "I also use the brand’s hyaluronic serum, brightening serum, and face cream," she shared.

As you might have suspected, Holmes' products of choice don't come cheap: the Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream retails for $215, the Hyaluronic Serum for $300, and the Brightening Serum for $310. But if you're looking to splash out on some skincare? Shop the Face CreamHyaluronic Serum, and Brightening Serum at the links.

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