A Royal Expert Says Prince Harry's Memoir Release Date Could Be Seen as "Disrespectful" to the Queen

Prince Harry's decision to release his memoir in late 2022 could be seen as disrespectful to the Queen as it conflicts with her Diamond Jubilee, an expert says.

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  • Royal fans are already looking forward to the release of Prince Harry's upcoming memoir, which is due out in late 2022.
  • Next year also marks another important milestone for the royal family, however, as the Queen is set to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, marking 70 years on the throne.
  • According to True Royalty TV cofounder and editor in chief Nick Bullen, Harry's decision to release the memoir during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year "could be seen as disrespectful" and upset some people, at least in the United Kingdom.

Prince Harry is releasing a memoir next year and, frankly, we're already excited to read it.

While a lot of royal experts and sources have weighed in on the added strain the upcoming book's content could put on Harry's relationships with the other members of the royal family, one expert says the timing of its release could also be an issue.

According to a press release about the deal, Harry's "intimate and heartfelt" memoir is set to be released in "late 2022," which means it will hit shelves as the Queen is celebrating her historic Diamond Jubilee, which will mark her 70th year on the throne.

Speaking to Us WeeklyTrue Royalty TV cofounder and editor in chief Nick Bullen said that "it upset people" (in the United Kingdom in particular) for the book to be "coming out in [the queen’s] Jubilee year," adding that the move "could be seen as disrespectful" on Harry’s part.

"I think here in Britain, the announcement of this book has undoubtedly sent shockwaves around the place, both at the highest levels of society and just with the average amount on the streets," Bullen said of the news of Harry's book deal. "I think it was a couple of [interviews], the first was surely enough, surely the other interview was enough. Let’s draw a line under it … [and] let’s try and start rebuilding from there."

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