Hilary Duff Has Officially Started Filming for 'How I Met Your Father'

Fans of How I Met Your Mother are so excited.

Hilary Duff
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Fans of How I Met Your Mother, it's time to get excited. Filming for the show's upcoming spinoff, How I Met Your Father, is officially underway—and Hilary Duff has graciously given us a few more looks into life on set (she had previously shared a cast group photo).

Duff shared a selection of stills from the show on her Instagram page, captioning it, "Hello, I'm Sophie"—which is her character's name on the show. As BuzzFeed points out, the photos seem to show Duff in the same bar that featured on HIMYM, which was called MacLaren's in the original show. In the stills, behind the actress, people are wearing face masks—which was bound to happen at some point, but is still really weird to see.

Fellow HIMYF star Francia Raisa posted a sweet selfie with Duff, captioned, "Haaaaaave you met the cast?! @himyfonhulu. Day 1 complete."

Duff posted the same selfie on her Instagram Story—with the caption, "Oh hey roomie"—as well as some other gems.

Hilary Duff & Francia Raisa Instagram Post

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She captioned a picture of a tin of Yorkshire Gold tea, "when your British castmate try's [sic] to push the tea thing... @tomainsley."

Yorkshire Gold Teabags Hilary Duff Instagram post

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She also reflected on the sometimes grueling work being an actress involves. On a selfie of her pouting, she wrote, "forgot about these work hours. My kids gunna forgot [sic] me."

Hilary Duff Work Hours Instagram Post

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Later, Duff changed tone to address the new hyper-restrictive abortion law in Texas which has shaken so many people around the country. "Texas is just breaking my heart right now," she wrote.

Hilary Duff Texas Instagram Post

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