Adele Really Did Not Care About the Football at the Super Bowl

This is so relatable, I'm dying.

Adele and Rich Paul attend the 2022 NBA All-Star Game at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on February 20, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio
(Image credit: Getty/Kevin Mazur)

Adele is no stranger to being made into a meme, and her appearance in the audience at the Super Bowl on Sunday was no different.

During a recent Las Vegas concert, the singer explained, "I’m going just for Rihanna. I don’t give a flying f*** who’s playing," per W, and her face while witnessing the sports playing more than confirmed the sentiment.

During the football game, Adele—who was sitting next to her boyfriend Rich Paul, a sports agent (which, ironic)—looked unbothered/bored/confused, and fans definitely noticed her iconic facial expressions.

One fan shared a three-second clip of the singer wearing giant sunglasses and sipping casually on her drink, writing, "An unbothered queen."

Another fan gently poked fun at Adele's pronounced London accent and implied that she might not know what American football consists of since she's British. "I fought dis gayme was plaid wit ya feit," they wrote, alongside a picture of the star looking ahead blankly.

That's the "I don't care about sports" portion of this covered, now onto the "I very much care about Rihanna" portion.

Ahead of RiRi's Halftime Show performance, Adele came alive, appearing to gesture for everyone to be quiet and leave her alone as a mark of respect.

A fan account for Adele tweeted a clip of the gesture with the caption, "Everyone be quiet, Rihanna is about to perform."

Someone else commented, "why is adele at the audience always meme material"

While the concert was actually happening, Adele absolutely lost it with happiness, dancing and singing along to some of Rihanna's greatest hits, while it was Paul's turn to look nonplussed. So funny, TBH.

Iris Goldsztajn
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