Who Is Adan Banuelos, Bella Hadid's Boyfriend and Professional Horseback Rider?

The model and the cowboy actually have a lot in common.

Who is Adan Banuelos, Bella Hadid's boyfriend and professional horseback rider?
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Shortly after Bella Hadid decided to ditch the Paris Fashion Week runway in favor of a Texas equestrian competition, fans started speculating about the model's rumored new beau. So, who is Bella Hadid's boyfriend? Turns out, he's a cowboy.

In February, Hadid seemed to publicly confirm her relationship with Adan Banuelos, a professional horseback rider. On Valentine's Day, the model posted a photo of the pair lovingly looking into each other's eyes in a since-vanished Instagram story.

"My valentine💌💋,” she captioned the photo at the time, as Yahoo! Sports reports.

Banuelos, 34, is a Mexican-American cowboy from Texas who, according to his website, specializes in “cutting horses"—a particular breed of competition horse specifically trained to separate a single cow from a herd.

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Banuelos' father is also a cowboy and member of the National Cutting Horse Association Rider Hall of Fame. Banuelos often credits his father for his success—in one 2015 interview with Amarillo Globe-News, the rodeo star said: "When times were bad, he’s the first one to say, ‘You know, it’s OK.' He’s also what I would call a true horseman.”

Banuelos and Hadid were first spotted together publicly in October, 2023, when TMZ cameras caught the couple kissing, hugging, and holding hands at a stockyard in Fort Worth, Texas.

In early January, 2024, Hadid also started sharing pictures of herself and her own equestrian endeavors. In one Instagram photo showing the model wearing a cowboy hat as she hugs a horse, Hadid wrote: "Never stop trying new things. I feel lucky enough to have the opportunity to keep learning in life. ❤️Thank you Tito, I will never stop loving on you like this!"

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On Feb. 16, 2024, the model also shared a series of photos from October, 2023, around the same time TMZ first reported she was dating Banuelos.

In the photos, Hadid poses with horses and friends before sharing a photo of her sitting next to Buenos as he stands near her, her hands on his hips as the couple look away from the camera. In a video in the same post, Hadid is seen reaching across a table set up in the middle of the stable to give her new beau a kiss.

"October 2023," Hadid captioned the post. "My 27th Birthday."

In other words, it's relatively safe to assume that the couple have been dating for some time.

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In February, Hadid shared photos and videos of herself competing in a Texas equestrian competition. In the post, photos show her posing alongside her competition horse and the ring, while in a video fans can see the model in full-on horseback riding competition mode.

"Best boy!" Hadid captioned the post. "Qualified for our first finals together."

A cowboy falls in love with a model? We love this type of real-life rom-com!

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