Courteney Cox Makes Hilarious 'Friends' Joke as Her Hair Frizzes in Miami

Opportunity: seized.

The One After Joey And Rachel Kiss" -- Episode 1 -- Aired 09/25/2003 -- Pictured: (l-r) Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, Courteney Cox as Monica Geller-Bing
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Courteney Cox isn't afraid to make fun of herself.

The actress called back to a cult Friends episode in a new Instagram video, which she took during a visit to Miami. In it, she goes to open sliding doors onto a terrace while saying, "I love Miami!" At this point, her hair is down and lightly waved.

Once she's on the terrace, Cox' hair "immediately" becomes frizzy, which she superimposed to the soundtrack of, "It's the humidity!," a line from Friends. The line was said by her character Monica Geller during a trip to Barbados, when her hair became extra frizzy and was sticking out to the sides of her head.

One commenter recalled a particularly hilarious comeback from Matthew Perry's character Chandler Bing, who said, "I came with Monica, I’m leaving with Weird Al."

Someone else said, "People don’t know HOW ICONIC THIS IS"

"She voiced over herself! Could she BE any more awesome," said another fan of the beloved series.

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It's not the first time Cox has made a Friends reference related to her real life. The star recently launched the cleaning products line Homecourt, and posted a promo video last year, in which she's cleaning her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She of course knew fans would make the parallels with her neat-freak character Monica.

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At the Marie Claire Power Play Event in Santa Monica earlier this year, Cox explained that the Homecourt launch made total sense for her interests and personality. "It just so happened that I've always been obsessed with design and scents, and architecture—just the whole thing," she said (via People). "It's just been something, and obviously, I'm clean. I'm Monica."

Cox was Marie Claire's cover star last fall, and her friend and Friends costar Jennifer Aniston said at the time, "I’m thinking to myself, Well what on earth took you so long, woman! This is literally your wheelhouse."

Aniston added, "The amount of times I've found her on the floor, on all fours, scrubbing something—every time I enter her house." She literally is Monica.

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