Ed Sheeran Did Fans' Gender Reveal for Them During a Recent Concert: "It's Very Awesome"

So, so cute.

Ed Sheeran
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Ed Sheeran tries to grant fans' wishes when he can, and he delivered in a big way during a recent concert in Kansas City, MO, this past Saturday.

The star took to Instagram to share a video of the most heartwarming moment from the show. In it, Sheeran is clutching an envelope and says, "I will get back to singing 'Perfect' but I feel like this is a first time type thing."

He then proceeds to tell the audience, "It's a girl!"

The camera then turns to the expecting couple, who look overcome with emotion and embrace on hearing the happy news.

Sheeran tells them, "Can I just say, as a father of two daughters, it's very awesome. It's very awesome. Congratulations."

He captioned the video simply, "My first gender reveal"

One fan commented, "I was there it was the most heartwarming thing!"

Another added, "This was such a beautiful moment to watch live tonight. He stopped the song to do it & he said: 'don't worry we'll get back to it.' & once he read it was a girl he said: 'I have 2 daughters & let me tell you, it's amazing.' So lovely. Also, we got to hear him sing the beginning of Perfect twice so it was truly beautiful."

While technically unrelated, this lovely story has reminded me of a recent one from Harry Styles' concert in Cardiff, Wales, back in June.

The star got to chatting with an audience member named Sian who was pregnant and asked him to name her baby. "That's a lot of pressure, Sian!" he told her. "You don't really want me to name it. 'Yeah, name it, yeah!' I can't! I simply cannot take it."

He then paused the show to allow Sian to go to the bathroom after she told him she needed to pee. He said, "Alright, make some noise for Sian everybody! Sian, Sian! You won't miss a thing..." before adding, "If you hurry up, you won't miss a thing." Hehehe.

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