Ed Sheeran Worked a Shift at Minnesota Lego Store, And Sang 'Lego House' to Shoppers

The most wholesome.

Ed Sheeran Performs At Legoland
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Ed Sheeran is always pulling cute stunts for his fans, and his latest may be one of the sweetest yet.

The award-winning pop star just "worked a shift" at a Lego store location at a mall in Minnesota, surprising fans who were just there to buy a set of bricks for themselves or their kids.

Sheeran posted a video of the whole situation on Instagram, which opened to a woman telling the star, "Are you kidding me? My daughter's gonna freak out."

The star then went on to explain, "Right, I'm here at the Mall of America in Minnesota, and I have my Lego outfit on to go and be a brick specialist at the Lego store, and then play 'Lego House.'"

The rest of the video shows Sheeran helping the store assistants, interacting with fans of all ages, signing their Lego purchases, and discussing the sets he owned as a kid. Towards the end, we see him setting himself up with his guitar outside the store for an exclusive performance of his 2011 hit "Lego House."

The star then explains that he has "autumn is coming"-themed figurines to give out, then insists on repeating, "autumn is coming."

Sheeran keeps telling fans that "autumn is coming" these days but without explaining what he means by this, though the dominant theory is that he is teasing new music (a bit of a Taylor Swift move there with the cryptic clues).

This is a funny/clever phrase for Sheeran to be using, considering it's a play on Game of Thrones' classic line "winter is coming," and the singer was a guest star on the hit series back in 2017. Other than that, my guess is as good as yours, unfortunately.

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