The 37 Most Naked TV Shows Ever

Netflix has done so much for onscreen nudity.

still from one of the 34 Most Naked TV Shows Ever
(Image credit: Netflix/Showtime)

Back in the day, you had to go to a video store, look in a private room behind some beaded curtains for a video, drive back home, and then use your VHS player to get nude scenes on television. Or, even worse, you had to call a number and pay over the phone each time you wanted to watch some onscreen nudity. But we've come a long way, baby, and now pretty much every channel and streaming service, barring basic cable, has their own way for a viewer to get their eyes on some boobs and some butts—shout-out to HBO and to Netflix, who paved the way. For your viewing pleasure, we've gathered the most naked shows on television that you can stream now. Happy watching!

Amanda Mitchell

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