Hunter Schafer Still Struggles to Discuss the Loss of Friend and Co-Star Angus Cloud

"It’s always the people that are just kind of a little too good for the world and a little too pure."

Hunter Schafer
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Last year, the world was shocked by the sudden death of Angus Cloud, but none more so than his fellow cast on HBO's hit series Euphoria. Cloud died of an accidental drug overdose last summer, and this loss devastated the world; it especially impacted those who knew him personally, like Hunter Schafer, who discussed her grief for the first time in a cover story for GQ.

When the subject of Cloud came up, Schafer immediately started crying. They were the same age and had grown close during filming. Since both were new to acting, Schafer feels as if they grew up together, both on and off the show. “I’ve never had a friend that I was that close to and that was my age pass before,” she told the interviewer. “It’s really surreal. It doesn’t make sense. And yeah, it’s new. It’s a new kind of grieving."

“It comes randomly,” she continued. “It will hit me when I’m on the fucking toilet. It’s really…I don’t know. Grief is fucking weird.”

Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie in Euphoria, shared a similar sentiment to Glamour UK last year and discussed how the cast regularly called in the time after his passing.

Schafer highlighted what a special person Cloud was and how sorely he is missed. “People really fell in love with Angus,” Schafer explained. “He was really one of the heartbeats of Euphoria. It’s always the people that are just kind of a little too good for the world and a little too pure. He was a fucking angel. He was sunshine.”

The cast of 'Euphoria' were known to be close on and off set.

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At the time of this devastating loss, Schafer was also experiencing a breakup. Schafer and Dominic Fike met on the set of Euphoria and had been publicly dating since February 2022. They broke up in July 2023, and Fike explained publicly that he was "just done being in relationships right now."

Schafer had never dated a man before Fike, and had thought she never would. “I had had so many shitty experiences with men before—not from dating them, but just in life,” Schafer said. “I think I had built up a wall that was way too thick around them.”

This all changed with Fike, and their relationship allowed Schafer to “work through a lot of the feelings of disdain that I had towards men as a whole,” she said. “I think it had inhibited a lot of my friendships with men, and a lot of that came down as well. I had a really beautiful relationship with [Fike], and it really opened me up in that way.”

Dating another famous person was difficult for Schafer, and ultimately the relationship didn't work out. But while Fike is the first famous person she has publicly dated, he isn't the only one. Schafer feels comfortable revealing that the rumors are true: she and Rosalía dated briefly in 2019. The relationship lasted for about five months, and the two have remained friends.

“It’s been so much speculation for so long," Schafer explained of her decision to open up now. "Part of us just wants to get it over with, and then another part is like, ‘It’s none of anybody’s fucking business!’ It’s something I’m happy to share. And I think she feels that way too.”

Hunter Schafer wearing Maison Margiela to the premiere of premiere of Cuckoo in Berlin, Germany.

Hunter Schafer has become a style staple on red carpets this award season.

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