Jennifer Garner Tries Not to Look at "Unflattering" Paparazzi Photos of Herself

She knows she looks better IRL.

Jennifer Garner attends 2019 Baby2Baby Gala Presented By Paul Mitchell at 3LABS on November 09, 2019 in Culver City, California
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Jennifer Garner keeps it real at every turn. When it comes to beauty, the actress' entire philosophy is incredibly refreshing.

In a new interview with Shop TODAY, Garner opened up about her "low-key" beauty routine. "We can almost all wear less than we think because, to me, I don't want my kids or people to only see the actor version of me that is perfectly made up by brilliant artists and think that's how I look," she said. "I want to look normal and I want to normalize looking normal. I always have felt really strongly about that. And then if I'm dressed up, I like that my kids are like, 'Woo, look at my mom!'"

Being in the public eye can really do a number on your self-esteem, so Garner makes every effort to distance herself from it all. "I try to not see unflattering pictures of myself because I know I look better in real life than paparazzi pictures make me look, and if I don't, I don't want to know it," she explained.

Not only is she apparently a very conscientious parent and a down-to-earth woman, but Garner also has foolproof bad body image day advice to impart, for when you look in the mirror and don't like what you see. "When you start getting super critical of yourself, turn around, pivot in that spot and go do something nice for someone else," she counseled. "Or go work out, or just take that and make it active instead of letting it just fester in you."

If you want to take your Jennifer Garner-inspired routine one step further, you could also head out to a farmers' market, give a cat a bath, or spend some quality time with Jennifer Lopez. Just a thought.

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