Jennifer Lopez Shared Ben Affleck's Early Valentine's Day Gift to Her: A Music Video for 'On My Way' He Directed

BRB, sending this to my boyfriend.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
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Every day, I fall more in love with... Bennifer's love.

Through her new exclusive content platform, OnTheJLo, Jennifer Lopez shared the sweetest gesture from her new/old beau Ben Affleck.

"Content is queen," she wrote (via E! News). "In the spirit of that, I am going to share something very special and personal with you that normally that I would only share with my inner circle. It's an early Valentine's Day present from Ben. Watching it made me think about the journey of true love, it's unexpected twists and turns, and that when it's real, it actually can last forever.

"This seriously melted my heart."

The "something very special" in question is an exclusive new "music video" for Lopez' song "On My Way," directed by Affleck (the song—from the Marry Me soundtrack—already has an official music video).

Affleck's video intersperses clips from the official video for the song with footage from the lovebirds' real lives, together and apart, going back to the early days of their 2002-2004 relationship all the way to their improbable, beautiful reunion over the past year. It's available to watch here.

If this is an early Valentine's Day gift, I'd really like to see what a real Valentine's Day gift from Affleck to Lopez looks like. Although I'm not certain my fragile heart could handle it.

Speaking to E! News on a Marry Me screening red carpet on Feb. 8, J. Lo elaborated on how much her relationship with Affleck truly means to her. "I would hope that everybody knows that love is the most important thing in the world, in life, more than anything—whether it's your children, or your partner or your family," she said.

"It's the only thing that brings true happiness and peace. All the other stuff is kinda like games we're playing."

And as surprised (albeit delighted) as we all were to find out that Bennifer 2.0 was a thing in 2021, "there's no real one version of a love story," Lopez explained. TRUE.

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