Kanye West Threatens to Beat Up Pete Davidson in a New Song

Davidson is dating West's ex, Kim Kardashian.

kanye west
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It’s important to recognize that people say and do things all the time for the sake of art that they wouldn’t actually go through with in real life. Like, the actress Sally Hawkins would probably never actually hook up with a scaly fish-person who she helped to break out of a government laboratory. There are other examples, probably. The point is, let’s take it with a grain of salt when we hear that Kanye West released a snippet of a new song in which he expresses his intention to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass.” OK?

Per Deadline, West—who recently changed his name legally to Ye—released a snippet of a new song called “My Life Was Never Eazy,” a collaboration with rapper The Game, in which Ye raps the lyrics: “God saved me from that crash / Just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s ass.” The crash lyric refers to a terrifying car accident that West was involved in back in 2002 that left him with a shattered jaw, but ultimately led to a wave of creativity that would rocket him to superstardom. The line about Pete Davidson presumably refers to the fact that the Saturday Night Live actor has been romantically linked with Ye’s ex, Kim Kardashian, who filed for divorce from the rapper early last year and then filed to be legally declared single a few months ago. 

This gives inquiring minds much to consider! For example, despite his recent high-profile dating adventures with actress Julia Fox, it’s a reminder that West hasn’t been shy about his desire to reconcile with Kardashian—free-styling onstage about how he wants her to come back to him, moving into a house right next to hers, and also just publicly telling people that he thinks they should get back together. It’s even been speculated that West’s relationship with Fox is an elaborate (but reportedly ineffective) ploy to make Kim “jealous.” It's also cause to consider the fact that Ye is reportedly five-foot-eight, where Pete is reportedly six-foot-three. Something to think about!

But Ye is also an artist, one who has made a career out of using his lyrics to stir up controversy or mock rumors about himself. So, again, grain of salt when it comes to taking these newest lyrics too literally. 

The timing of the release may prove more problematic than its contents for Ye anyway. According to the BBC, Ye is being investigated as a “named suspect” in a Los Angeles-area battery that occurred early Thursday morning. No arrests have been made. 

We’ll update with any more news, either of the allegation or of Pete’s reaction to being named in a Ye song. 

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