Kim Kardashian Deeply Regrets Her All-Fendi Outfit From 2006: "I Was Not Killing It"

It's OK, Kim, none of us were killing it in '06.

US Weekly's Hot Hollywood: "Fresh 15" - Arrivals
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Keeping it real with the Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian spoke to E! News about fashion, and she did not hold back on her questionable style choices from the noughties.

First up, she completely slaughtered an all-Fendi look she wore for Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood: "Fresh 15" in 2006, which she had previously dubbed the "worst outfit" of her life. It consisted of a knitted gray mini-dress made to look like it had a white button-up poking out from under it, with a large black belt, black boots and black bag.

"I thought I was killing it. The Fendi belt?" Kardashian said. "I had saved up for a Fendi belt, Fendi boots, Fendi bag."

She continued, "I was not killing it. But I thought I was. And I probably chose to buy that than pay my rent, and I should have paid my rent."

US Weekly's Hot Hollywood: "Fresh 15" - Arrivals

(Image credit: Getty/Jon Kopaloff)

Next up, the host asked Kardashian about that iconic photo of her and Paris Hilton carrying matching metallic Louis Vuitton bags—Kardashian's in silver and Hilton's in gold. "What did you and Paris actually put in these bags?" she asked.

"Oh, absolutely nothing," Kardashian answered. "Mine was filled. I wouldn't let her put a thing in there. They were both my bags, and I'd gotten them as a gift, and I told her, 'do you see what your purses look like? You're not allowed to put one thing in that bag. If you get a stain, if you spill one thing in my bag, I'll kill you.' So I said, 'let's use mine, and you can put your purse inside of mine and I'll get out whatever you need, but you're not touching that bag on the inside.'"


Heiress Paris Hilton nearly causes a riot as she shops with friend Kim Kardashian in Paddington on December 31, 2006 in Sydney, Australia

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Kardashian also revealed that boyfriend Pete Davidson is obsessed with SKIMS, because of course he is.

"Is this the only set of SKIMS that Pete owns?" the host asked, showing the brand's founder the Instagram of them with Kris Jenner and Flavor Flav.

"No! He has the boyfriend collection," she said. "Yeah, the t-shirts and underwear. Every guy enjoys it, you guys, like it's the most soft and comfy ever."

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