Taylor Swift's Latest Do-Gooder Deed

Celebrities: they're more than their latest haircut or hefty net worth.

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Stars who use their popularity for more than just free designer duds and the endless glam factor should get the major props they are deserved. Some do-gooding celebs, like UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie, practically get more press for their charity work than they do for their entertainment industry credentials. But for a lot of stars, it's their late night antics that are remembered rather that their daytime good deeds. Justin Bieber gets punched in the face by Orlando Bloom, and it's the next morning's gossip. But, no one really calls out that the Biebs has helped grant over 200 Make a Wish dreams come true—no one bats an eye.

Even for celebs whose public reputation fares better than stars like Bieber, we often focus more on what they're wearing or their latest box office smash or chart-topping hit rather than their last charitable donation. While Taylor Swift isn't receiving a slew of bad press like Bieber has recently, she's been making big waves in the philanthropic sphere for years now. Swift's topped DoSomething.org's list of charitable celebs for two years running. Her philanthropic reach spreads wide: she sings at benefit concerts (remember when she, Bon Jovi, and Prince William sang Living on a Prayer?), she supports the arts (locally, too!) and she's contributed to disaster relief. Swift has even donated six-figure sums to benefit organizations like the Nashville Symphony and has offered a serious helping hand during major crises, such as the Tennessee floods of 2010. Not to mention, she works with big name charities like UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity, and the Red Cross.

Taylor's most recent act of kindness was a bit more personal than writing a fat check. This past week, she visited a young cancer patient at a children's hospital in Boston, and the resulting video will make your heart melt. Taylor sang "We Are Never Getting Back Together" with Jordan, a leukemia patient, and then played a round of air hockey. Way. Too. Adorable.

Taylor's most recent act of generosity only slightly distracted us from her vague Instagram that featured her pressing an '18' elevator button five times with the caption "here's your first clue…" The true meaning behind this cryptic message is up for debate, but anything this ominous has to be the sign of something big. Like, new album big. A potential new album and the most precious singalong we've ever seen? It's a good week for T-Swift.


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