Jay Z's Alleged Mistress Disses Beyoncé in New Video

Uh oh, uh oh.

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A female rapper linked with Jay Z has capitalized on the recent Beyoncé and Jay Z divorce rumors (opens in new tab) and dropped a video committing one of the most risky feats of all time — attacking Queen Bey (opens in new tab).

In a song entitled "Sorry Ms Carter," Olivia McFallar (a.k.a. Yes LIV Can) raps an open letter to Beyoncé over the beat of Outkast's hit "Ms. Jackson." McFaller claims she almost became Jay Z's mistress, but she stopped it before things got physical, adding that they "never screwed" and instead "connected on some hip-hop shit."

While hanging out in a bikini and drinking wine, McFallar borrows some lyrical inspiration from the stars she's apparently trying to diss — she says, "You got 99 problems but I ain't tryin' to be one," and mentions that Jay Z likes "naturally flawless model chicks" like herself. She even advises Beyoncé to start telling girls (opens in new tab) how she became a wife, instead of singing about things like "surfbort." Watch out, girlfriend.

Beyoncé and Jay Z haven't commented on the video, likely because they're busy selling out stadiums around the world on their massively successful On the Run tour (opens in new tab).

Check out the video, below:


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