Watch J. Lo and Iggy Azalea's New Video for 'Booty'

No subtext, just boo-tay.

iggy azalea jennifer lopez booty
(Image credit: Courtesy of Vevo)

iggy azalea jennifer lopez booty

(Image credit: Courtesy of Vevo)

Last month, Jennifer Lopez set free (opens in new tab) 'Booty,' her high-energy ode to the derrière featuring Iggy Azalea (opens in new tab). Now, the club banger has a much-anticipated new video, which first and foremost prepares its audience for "maximum impact"— and rightfully so.

The video, directed by Hype Williams, finds the two ladies, and their ample backsides, shaking up on each other like their days are numbered. They both look worthy of a two-syllable damn, but it's Lopez with her unparalleled, glistening physique who is single-handedly making 45 the new 25. Watch the NSFW video below, and be sure not to miss J. Lo's twerk interlude at 3:13.

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