Mel B Just Hosted a Spice Girls Party, and Her Niece Dressed Up as Scary Spice

So when is the reunion happening?

Mel B just made fans of the Spice Girls a little more hopeful that a reunion might actually happen. In a new Instagram post, Scary Spice herself revealed that she'd been having a Spice Girls party at home with her niece, Tillie Thalia.

In one of the photos shared by Mel B, Tillie is wearing the iconic outfit that Scary Spice wore in the "Wannabe" music video, which launched the band's successful career. She even wears the leopard print platform shoes, and she's also holding two award statues—an MTV award, and a BRIT award:

In the second photo, both niece and aunt are wearing sparkly bodysuits, which is somewhat of a Spice Girls staple.

Mel B captioned the photo: "Spice party at my house boom hey 'can the real spice girl please stand up please stand up' yipppeee playing dress up with my niece @tillie_thalia in my 'ORIGINAL' Spice get up." Understandably, fans got extremely excited seeing Mel B dressing up in her old Spice Girls outfit, and everyone seems to be hoping that another reunion is on the cards in 2018.

Mel B's niece also posted a sweet photo at her aunt's party:

While rumors of an actual Spice Girls reunion keep getting debunked, several members of the band recently reunited for the video for Mel C's latest single, "Room For Love." While Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, and Geri Halliwell all put in an appearance, Mel B was unable to make it.

However, Mel B did recently debut a stunning new pink hair style:

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