50 Pop Groups You Probably Forgot Existed

And, no, we're not counting NSYNC or Spice Girls.

pop bands
pop bands
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The '90s and early aughts were an absolute treasure trove for a particular kind of musical group: a gaggle of gorgeous young people, typically in coordinating outfits, often brought together via corporate strategy rather than likeminded musical happenstance. There was always a Bad Boy or an Innocent Girl, or a Bad Girl and a Pretty Boy. They often had one absolute bop of a pop jam before fading into obscurity.

Turns out, there's nothing more fun than revisiting these songs that you didn't even realize you still knew the words to from the pop groups that you'll be sorry you may have forgotten. Get ready to create a new Spotify playlist because these gems are going to take you back. Ahead, 50 of the best pop groups you forgot existed, but you'll be glad to remember now.