Music Playlist: What the Folk

Our parents had Bob Dylan and Joan Biez, and now we have Bon Iver and The Low Anthem.

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I grew up in Los Angeles on the soothing sounds of punk rock and new wave. So why am I doing a Folk play list? Because hints of Folk are turning up everywhere, and a lot of it is so good. Our parents had Bob Dylan and Joan Biez, and now we have Bon Iver and The Low Anthem. It is now just dawning on me how prevalent and important Folk music has always been. This month's play list is "Folk" in the loosest terms. All the artists below have embodied some element of Folk music in there songs and in their general sound (and if you look on their Myspace pages, you'll see that most of them give a "shout out" to one or more Folk artist in their influences section). If you never fancied yourself a Folk enthusiast, I encourage you to take a listen to this playlist. It might surprise certainly surprised me.

THE LOW ANTHEM / (Don't) Tremble/ Oh My God, Charlie Darwin

PHANTOM LIMB / Don't Say A Word / Phantom Limb


GWYNETH HERBERT / My Narrow Man / All The Ghosts

DENIS JONES / Beginning / Humdrum Virtue

MEGAFAUN / The Fade / Gather, Form and Fly

NICO STAI / The Song of Shine and Shame / Park Los Angeles

GEORGE STANFORD / Big Drop / Big Drop

BETH JEANS HOUGHTON / Cruel Francis / Hot Toast Vol. 1 (EP)

BON IVER / Skinny Love / For Emma, Forever Ago

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