Need To Meet: Madi Diaz

Get to know the Nashville-based singer and get ready to become obsessed as she performs her hit song, "Let's Go."

Madi Diaz is about to make it big.

The Nashville-based singer and her songwriting partner and longtime collaborator Kyle Ryan have a debut album coming out next year, and in anticipation, they've just released a three-song EP, Far From the Things We Know, this week. And it's good.

Diaz, who describes her music as "thoughtful pop" and cites the Beatles as a key influencer, has found fans through some pretty impressive TV placements with songs featured on such shows as Pretty Little Liars and Drop Dead Diva.

MC's Sergio Kletnoy got to chat up the singer and found out what she'd choose for her go-to super power, why Taylor Swift could be her "real-life best friend," and just how comfortable she is singing some impromptu Shania Twain.

And to hear her off-the-cuff, on-the-floor-of-the-Marie-Claire-office rendition of her hit song, "Let's Go," watch the video below. Then, see her official music video for the song below that!