MC@Play with Cher Lloyd

Just in time for her U.S. debut, the British singer confesses her guilty pleasure, worst personality trait, and the influence an ABBA tribute had on her life.

If you were one of the cool kids at March's SXSW, you already know all about British sensation Cher Lloyd. For the rest of us, the introduction to the X Factor UK contestant, singer, and rapper is a recent pleasure.

Lloyd, who The New York Times called "the future," has already won over the UK with a No. 1 single, "Swagger Jagger," and a top five album, Sticks and Stones. Her first U.S. single, "Want U Back" is spicier than it is sweet, a pop song about relentlessly pursuing an ex. As for the rest of her music, Lloyd describes her sound to MC music guide Sergio Kletnoy as, "Someone just put a jukebox on. Every song is different. Nothing is the same." She goes on to confess her guilty pleasure, worst personality trait, and how an ABBA tribute shaped her life.

Now that you're hooked on the 18-year-old phenomenon, watch the music video for "Want U Back."